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SB218 Subwoofer

The SB218 subwoofer enclosure is designed for completing wide-band sound reinforcement systems, in order to enhance both their low-frequency response and their power capacity in the bass region.

For it's extended response down to 30hz and it's capacity to deliver high sound pressure levels in this frequency area, the SB218 is one of the rare products deserving the "Subwoofer" designation.


Usable Frequency response 30hz - 200hz

(via DSP for ARCS) 23.2hz - 98hz

Nominal impedance 4 ohms

Recommended amplifier rating 1,000 watts

Max continuous SPL 132 dB at 1M

Recommended crossover point Low pass 4th order 80hz to 120hz

Dimensions in mm 550(H) x 1300(W) x 700(D)

Weight 115kgs

Connectors Two of Speakon 4 pin in parallel

We have nothing but respect for these L-Acoustics SUB Bass units, able to reproduce very low frequencies and when driven by our Chevin A6000 Amplifiers  via the settings originally designed for us in the excellent XTA DP200 a very smooth and superb sub bass. Used as part of the ARCs system and also available to hire on their own

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