Rigging Equipment at Juice

At Juice Rigging we are innovative utilising our product range in different ways finding methods and systems of supporting and holding all forms of product for displays, product launches and generic rigging in Theatres and Venues around the UK. We have installed mother grids for incoming theatrical events in un-theatrical spaces. Free standing structures for Arts and Theatrical in open spaces, Zoo’s, Underground carparks, in lakes and on lakes, Lochs, Barges and Ships. We have even put in eight tower self climbing grids to take the weight off a house rigging system while urgent repairs have been done to the roof structure above. We have suspended marquees over fountains and provided overhead support for lighting & power distribution in Berkeley Square, London.

Juice Sound crew are versatile and inventive

We maintain a stock of electric chain hoists 1 tonne, ½ tonne and ¼ tonne units by Verlinde and offer SM10, SM5 Units, Very clean 104’s, Litachain and Eurochains. Our motors are direct control as is our stock of controllers which are available in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 ways. We operate a wet chain policy.

For further information on Direct control and wet chains versus dry click here

Juice Rigging