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Juice Sound Ltd provides rigging services either as a compliment to our other services and as a stand alone service in it’s own right. Not only providing our expertise and equipment but also servicing and inspection* as part of our rigging supply. (*see PSI Pete Smith Inspections below)

Born out of the need to keep the quality in our line of supply Juice Rigging provides truss, self climbing tower systems, Loudspeaker rigging towers, ground support systems and hung components such as truss and flown loudspeaker systems in many venues across the UK and outdoors for festivals, in big tops and marquees throughout the summer.

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*Rigging Servicing & Inspection is done through PSI Ltd click to go to:-

Juice Sound Ltd provides archways based on our stocks of Prolyte truss in H30v and H40v using goalpost bases designed by us. These allow for signage, access and exit goalposts that support mains cabling, exit and entrance lighting. This helps keep cables away from areas where even cable tray could be considered a trip hazard and helps light spaces where the public come together such as main entrance and emergency exits. We even supply a vehicle access goalpost where we can lift the top bar to allow high vehicles in before lowering to the preferred height. Just shows the detail and effort we go to to achieve amazing results,

Goalpost Systems

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Over the years providing our rigging services from stock and in house training has built a team of guys with skills that are utilised by many companies and venues to use our services with their hires. If you want a job doing well without the attitude. Contact us for more information

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