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Juice Sound Ltd is pleased to be accepted as a preferred supplier for the 2021 Coventry UK  City of Culture and we look forward to working with Production Managers and Organisers on Events over 2021. We hope to make new friends, re-kindle old friendships and collaborate with great people that not only will make this series of events wonderful and great fun for all involved but continue after wherever we are in the World.

Juice Sound applied for the Rigging Tender but we can do so much more, please read on

First and foremost, We love what we do and enjoy every moment. What do we do? What we do is provide services above and beyond, when and where necessary. What are these services? Most services within the disciplines of putting on an Event or Show. What are these disciplines? They are the main core departments normally associated with the Event and Theatre Industries and consist of Sound, Lighting, Staging, Rigging, Power Generation and Distribution, Special Effects & Video, Management and Health & Safety. Suppliers who operate in only one or two of these areas such as Sound & Lighting and are often in-experienced in other areas or disciplines and as you know “a little knowledge is dangerous” Most of the time this transpires into the comment that “it’s is not in their job description” sometimes it transpires into services not joining up and items are missing because people thought the other guys was bringing it or they did not know they had to supply it.. We at Juice Sound Ltd have over 40 years of experience in all aspects covering all disciplines and if the rare situation comes up that we don’t know we always know someone who can. We cover everything, if there are other services on site we ask Who? How? Why? And Where? This transpires into making sure that not only are they sorted for power, equipment that interfaces correctly etc but also that they are spoken to and listened to, invited to use our catering facilities if they don’t have any, making a team of the people on site. We listen and we learn all of the time and we train our wonderful lovely people who work with us to do the same and look at everything through different eyes. We inspect for others, equipment, rigging, sites. We manufacture and import products for bespoke installations and large companies such as the AEG Group O2 Arena in London and the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin, We raise reports and advise on many aspects of entertainment, we trouble shoot such as sorting out the problems with two rigging teams at the London Olympics in 2012. We provide Touring Systems and support and have worked for many well known Artistes such as Lou Reed, Michael Bolton, Yes, Rufus Wainwright and the Dandy Warhols. We are good, we know and we are happy with that, best of all we never stop learning.

We want to work with Coventry UK City of Culture and we don’t mind what we do to help you make this a fantastic set of events and shows. So whether its one item or a complete system, a battery loudspeaker, loud hailer or perhaps a Sound Level Meter to a full spec sound re-enforcement. Perhaps a piece of truss or a truss stand to a full self supporting theatrical box. Could be power or a piece of cable tray to cover the cables. Small or large generator because there is not enough power, maybe you want a solar/battery power supply for that park event. Or maybe just another hand or help from a good technician because the show is crew light for one night. We can be there, as quick as we can if its urgent, no penalties on price, deliveries at cost. Talk to us and we will as helpful as we can

Telephone or text Tom Silk on 07921 529308 24 hours a day